Availability of a competent partner organization in a country is critical for effective implementation of MOM. MOM would not have been possible without the commitment and passion shown by the local team convened by BIRN Kosovo.

MOM Team

Albulena Sadiku, MOM Project Manager, BIRN Kosovo

Albulena is the Deputy Director and Senior Programme Manager at BIRN Kosovo. With extensive experience, she excels as a fundraiser, project manager and project evaluator having successfully fundraised for over 200 projects covering the rule of law, anti-corruption, media freedoms and media development, public procurement and violent extremism. Beyond her fundraising accomplishments, Albulena is an experienced trainer on organizational management, public speaking, outreach and project cycle management. She is also an experienced field producer for televised programmes, particularly focused on parliamentary and local elections. She has also contributed as a local producer for international media including the BBC, Deutsche Welle and ARTE TV. She also has extensive research experience and has authored, co-authored and contributed to reports on the rule of law, anti-corruption and violent extremism. Her research endeavors also encompass disinformation, transparency and the responsiveness of public institutions to Freedom of Information requests and ethnonationalism in Kosovo. She has also been a country researcher with the “Media for All’ project (run by the British Council) where she provided input and analysis on Kosovo’s media landscape, monitored implementation of sub-granting projects supported through Media for All and mentored recipients of financial support, particularly in their usage of the Engaged Citizen Reporting tool. 

Kreshnik Gashi, Lead Researcher, BIRN Kosovo

Kreshnik Gashi serves as the Lead Researcher, currently holding the position of Editor in Chief at the anti-corruption platform Notably, he is one of the authors behind the award-winning TV program "KallxoPernime," previously known as "Jeta në Kosovë" and "Drejtësia në Kosovë." Kreshnik, with a background as the moderator of over 200 episodes of "Drejtësia në Kosovë" from 2012 to 2020, has covered justice, police, and security issues. The program, recognized for its hard-hitting debates and reports, played a crucial role in addressing taboo topics in Kosovar society, contributing to increased transparency and accountability in the judiciary, police, and other local security institutions. His involvement extends to designing the internal platform for managing citizen-reported cases on, handling over 2000 credible reports annually. Additionally, he played a key role in designing the debunking platform of and conducted investigations on foreign influence in Kosovo, particularly from Russia, China, and other sources. As an alumnus of the IWLP program on Media Literacy and Violent Extremism and a certified expert in the Redirect Method to redirect individuals searching for harmful content to constructive alternative messages. He serves as a country reporter for Reporters Without Borders and has consulted on media literacy, disinformation, investigative reporting, and fact-checking expertise for credible institutions such as the British Council, Thomson Foundation, IREX, NDI, OSCE, among others. Having delivered training to over 500 public officials, including prosecutors, judges, labor inspectors, and spokespersons for various entities, Kreshnik has received awards from UNDP, the Anti-Corruption Agency, the Journalists Association, and the European Union for his impactful anti-corruption reporting.

Visar Prebreza, Senior Researcher, BIRN Kosovo

Visar Prebreza, with over a decade of experience, is a seasoned investigative reporter, fact-checker, and editor known for editing award-winning stories and conducting research on media and sustainable development issues in Kosovo. His expertise encompasses areas such as the environment, air quality, energy efficiency, and institutional strategies for regulation. Currently contributing to, a collaborative platform of Internews Kosova and BIRN Kosovo, Visar has a rich background working for various media outlets, including Kosova Sot and Koha Ditore. His portfolio includes monitoring, covering, compiling, and editing numerous award-winning investigations focused on sustainable development issues. Notably, in 2021, he received the first prize from the European Union Office in Kosovo for the story titled "Unclean Energy: A Kosovar Who Owned the Sun." Visar has also served as a Local Expert with RECURA in the DEMOS project, examining issues related to the relations between municipal bodies in accordance with the principles of the European Charter of Local Self-Government. He reports for Group in Oslo, Norway, covering energy and environmental issues in Kosovo. Additionally, he has been engaged as an expert by GIZ, CIVIKOS, Open Data Kosovo, and the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society, working on topics ranging from identifying money laundering to training local CSOs on public money spending. Beyond his journalistic work, Visar has authored policy briefs for the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, co-authored articles for the Huffington Post, and delivered training to Kosovo journalists on fact-checking, disinformation recognition, and investigative reporting. He has mentored over 30 mid-career and aspiring journalists, contributing significantly to research on disinformation, violent extremism trends, foreign influences, and illicit money flows. His work has played a crucial role in exposing offshore dealings of businessmen and politicians, resulting in substantial savings of taxpayers' money. In his upcoming role.

Diedon Nixha, Researcher and Project Coordinator, BIRN Kosovo

Diedon currently serves as a Project Coordinator at BIRN Kosovo, where he oversees the coordination of project activities, conducts extensive desk and field research, and maintains consistent communication regarding project status with stakeholders and donors. His recent work includes monitoring digital rights violations and contributing to a publication that analyzes the disinformation landscape in Kosovo. Previously, as a Researcher at the Kosovo Institute for Policy and Research Development (KIPRED), Diedon developed disinformation policy papers and recommendations for the Kosovo government. He collaborated with the Digital Public Sphere and other partners to create digital tools aimed at countering disinformation. Additionally, he was a member of the Republic of Kosovo’s National Security Council working group on Countering Violent Extremism (CVE), providing assistance in the formulation of national strategies. In 2021, Diedon served as a National Research and Evaluation Specialist at the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund. In this role, he oversaw the monitoring and evaluation of all UN-funded peacebuilding projects and initiatives in three Western Balkan countries. His responsibilities encompassed data collection, research, stakeholder consultations, and the drafting and dissemination of final reports on local peacebuilding efforts. Earlier in his career, Diedon worked as a Business Consultant, where he monitored procurement data awards. He linked this data to relevant companies on the platform to support product development. This role required the application of his data analysis skills to convert raw data into actionable business intelligence.

Xheneta MurtezajResearcher, BIRN Kosovo

Xheneta Murtezaj started her professional journey at BIRN Kosovo in July 2018. She completed her bachelor's studies at the Faculty of Journalism from 2015 to 2018. Initially joining as an intern, she covered reporting on municipalities grappling with social welfare problems, with her articles often making a positive impact on the community. Xheneta has since evolved into the role of a Senior Journalist at BIRN Kosovo, accumulating five years of experience in reporting on local and general elections, monitoring recruitment processes for key positions in Kosovo's institutions, and more. Throughout this period, Xheneta has actively participated in various trainings and workshops, consistently seeking to expand her knowledge. Currently, she is concurrently pursuing her master's studies at the Faculty of Public Administration and Diplomacy.

Ardita ZeqiriResearcher, BIRN Kosovo

Ardita Zeqiri, currently serving as a Journalist and Researcher at the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network (BIRN), plays a pivotal role in delving into the intricacies of local governance in the capital city. Her primary responsibilities involve closely monitoring municipal council sessions, tracking decision-making processes, and navigating various procurement procedures. In addition to her role at the Balkan Investigative Reporting Network, Ardita significantly contributes to Prishtina Insight, the English-language magazine of BIRN Kosovo. Her written pieces cover a diverse range of topics, ranging from daily news to feature articles addressing various societal issues. A member of BIRN since 2019, Ardita has actively participated in numerous projects and monitoring initiatives during this period, including electoral processes. Notably, she has made significant contributions to the Disinformation Project, examining the impact of fake news on Kosovo. Furthermore, Ardita has played a key role in the project titled 'The Clash between Two Competing Narratives – Case Study,' which compares how Kosovo and Serbia report on events in Kosovo. Ardita has also been a contributor to fact-checking efforts, scrutinizing news articles across different media outlets and online platforms. Demonstrating her commitment to professional development, Ardita Zeqiri has engaged in numerous trainings, with a particular focus on information in crisis reporting, digital rights, and debunking false information.

Vlera ShabaniResearcher, BIRN Kosovo

Vlera, a researcher with BIRN Kosovo since 2022, engages in investigating, fact-checking, and monitoring public institutions and vacancies as part of her assignments. Her research portfolio encompasses projects on disinformation, public procurement/public money spending, and media ownership. Vlera has contributed significantly by publishing numerous articles and reports in these areas. Her commitment to professional development is evident through her participation in various trainings both in Kosovo and abroad. Topics of focus include investigative reporting, fact-checking, public procurement, transitional justice, and reporting during crisis times. With a particular passion for healthcare-related issues, Vlera reports fervently on matters concerning healthcare. Currently pursuing her journalism studies at the University of Prishtina “Hasan Prishtina,” Vlera brings a dynamic blend of academic knowledge and hands-on research experience to her role at BIRN Kosovo.

Labinot Leposhtica, Legal Adviser, BIRN Kosovo

Labinot Leposhtica, the Head of the Legal and Monitoring Office at BIRN Kosova and, coordinates BIRN's monitoring team, overseeing the efficiency of the Kosovo justice system. Additionally, he handles the legal editing of all media products for BIRN Kosova and represents the organization in court cases, successfully winning over 25 cases, particularly those involving SLAPP lawsuits. As a member of the Steering Committee of the Rule of Law Strategy in the Republic of Kosovo, Mr. Leposhtica represents civil society organizations. His involvement extends to working groups for justice reform, contributing to legislation drafting on various crucial matters such as the code of criminal procedure, strategies against violent extremism, vetting processes in the justice system, and laws related to corruption prevention. Authoring over 15 analytical reports on the justice system, Labinot Leposhtica focuses on cases relevant to visa liberalization, corruption, and violent extremism. He has conducted more than 100 training sessions for public officials, journalists, lawyers, and citizens, covering topics such as media code of ethics, access to public documents, privacy protection, media communication, digital rights, and justice system monitoring.

Valon Fana, Researcher, BIRN Kosovo

Valon Fana, a journalist at since February 2019, holds a Master's degree in the Journalism and Public Relations program from the University of Pristina "Hasan Prishitna," where he also completed his Bachelor's studies in journalism. His professional journey includes previous work on the show "Ekonomia me Erezen" on TV Klan Kosova, an internship at ‘Lëvizja FOL,’ and assistance in the media office at the Basic Court of Pristina through a USAID-supported program. Valon is a recipient of three scholarships for journalistic writing and has won two journalism awards in the fields of Public Procurement and children's rights. In the past, he contributed to a Media Education project at the American Corner Pristina, supported by the American Embassy in Kosovo, and served as a lecturer in a training on critical media reading with the non-governmental organization PEN. Valon Fana's journalistic focus revolves around human rights, security, and politics, emphasizing in-depth research in these areas.

Adelina Ahmeti, Journalist and Researcher, BIRN Kosovo

Adelina embarked on her professional journey at BIRN Kosovo in 2015 as an intern and later advanced to the role of senior journalist. Currently serving as a journalist, researcher, and assistant editor at BIRN and the anti-corruption online platform, she has cultivated a strong reputation for her coverage of events and current affairs related to law and security. Adelina's articles consistently garner regional interest, often being featured in Balkan Insight. She holds a degree in Journalism from the University of Pristina and has demonstrated a commitment to continuous learning by actively participating in various training sessions and workshops. Her areas of expertise include security, law, and the prevention of extremism and terrorism. Throughout her career, Adelina has received recognition for her outstanding work, earning awards from the Journalists Association, EU Awards for Investigative Journalism, and the Coalition of NGOs for Child Protection in Kosovo – KOMF. 

Mediana Halili, Journalist and Researcher, BIRN Kosovo

Mediana Halili is a journalist and research monitor at since September 2019. Mediana is responsible for writing research articles as well as monitoring public institutions and competitions for senior positions. She completed her bachelor's degree in journalism at the Public University of Prishtina, 'Hasan Prishtina'. In the framework of her work at, she follows the field of economics while participating in many projects and trainings. Mediana is part of the monitoring and investigative group in BIRN's disinformation group and in the tender monitoring project, producing voluminous and other useful reports. She has participated in over 20 trainings related to me, 'fake news and fact-checking', 'flow of public money', 'other transitional types', 'crisis reporting', 'advocacy', 'mobile journalism'.

Kaltrina Hoxha, Researcher

Kaltrina Hoxha, a seasoned development professional, specializes in advancing sustainable development and promoting democratic principles, with a particular emphasis on media development and countering disinformation. In her role at USAID, she leverages her expertise in project cycle management and donor coordination, strategically engaging with the Government of Kosovo and international donors. Kaltrina has led programs at the OSCE Mission in Kosovo, integrating critical thinking and digital media literacy into formal education to foster informed media interactions and combat disinformation. With a background in project management at BIRN Kosovo, she has successfully led projects that combine digital tools with access to information, anti-corruption, and good governance. Academically grounded with a Master's in International Affairs and specialization in Security Policy, Kaltrina extends her dedication to development through diverse research engagements. This includes contributions to media literacy curricula development, open data assessment, and innovative approaches to countering disinformation.

Nafisa HasanovaHead of Research, GMR

Nafisa managed Media Ownership Monitor projects in Ukraine (2016), Serbia (2017), Albania (2018), Sri Lanka (2018), India and Pakistan (2019). She was also involved in the Journalism Trust Initiative, from the RSF team. Before joining RSF, Nafisa worked on the Transdniestrian Settlement Process for the Finnish Crisis Management Initiative (CMI) founded by the former President of Finland Martti Ahtisaari. Prior to that she worked as policy officer for Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia for APRODEV (now ACT Alliance EU), EU Central Asia Monitoring (EUCAM) for Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS). Nafisa holds an MA in Intercultural Communication and European Studies from the University of Applied Sciences in Fulda, Germany. She completed a BA in English Philology at the Samarkand State Institute of Foreign Languages in Uzbekistan.

Sheley GomesResearcher and Project Assistant, GMR

Sheley is a project assistant and researcher currently working for the Media Ownership Monitor (MOM) on the Western Balkans. She is also currently a volunteer at Intervozes, the organization that implemented the Media Ownership Monitor in Brazil, where she previously worked as an advocacy consultant. At Intervozes she has also worked as a researcher in several projects regarding freedom of expression, fake news, media coverage, and media ownership. She holds a bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the University of Brasilia, a post-grad in Law and Government Affairs by the University Center of Brasilia, and is currently finishing a master’s degree in Media and Area (Central-Eastern European) Studies at Charles University in Prague.

Lea AuffarthHead of Operations, GMR

Lea coordinates the implementation of the Media Ownership Monitor's editions, and manages some of them directly. Previously, Lea has worked for the press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders, where she coordinated the Journalism Trust Initiative (JTI) and headed the development of its IT infrastructure. Other work on media transparency, literacy, and ethics include the ‘Media Ownership Monitor’ (MOM) and Lebanese Samir Kassir Foundation’s ‘Digital Rights Project’. Lea is a trained journalist and has worked with the German public broadcaster WDR as well as regional press. She holds a Master’s degree in Conflict Resolution from King’s College London.

Olaf Steenfadt, Global Project Director, GMR

Olaf heads the "Media Ownership Monitor" project and the "Journalism Trust Initiative" at the press freedom watchdog Reporters Without Borders, RSF. For many years, he has been engaged as a consultant and coach in media development cooperation. Mandates of international organizations and NGOs lead him primarily to Southeast Europe and the Arab world. He previously worked for national German public broadcasters ARD and ZDF in various roles, including as a radio and TV presenter, investigative reporter, domestic and foreign correspondent, as well as in format development and corporate communication. Olaf is a member of the "High-level Expert Group on Fake News and Online Disinformation" of the European Commission and of the "Committee of Experts on Quality of Journalism in the Digital Age" at the Council of Europe. He teaches frequently at universities in Germany and Europe.

BIRN Kosovo

BIRN Kosovo stands as the leading independent non-governmental organization (NGO) in Kosovo dedicated to media development, investigative reporting and watchdog monitoring of public institutions in Kosovo. It is widely recognized as a trusted and esteemed civil society actor across the Balkans. BIRN Kosovo’s main goal is to provide objective information to citizens, and thereby contribute to Kosovo’s democratic transition process. Simultaneously, it endeavors to foster accountability, the rule of law and policy reform through the lens of professional investigative journalism. 

In its commitment to cultivating a culture of informed debate nationwide, BIRN achieves this through the production of televised debates and online publications. Furthermore, it offers regular training in journalism, critical thinking, fact-checking, reporting and monitoring to aspiring young women and men in Kosovo. The organization has also trained over 50 judges, prosecutors, and communication officers on public speaking.

Since 2005, BIRN Kosovo has actively contributed to major media products, including the TV programmes Life in Kosovo and Justice in Kosovo, which are now being broadcasted as part of the TV programme KALLXO Përnime. Additionally, the organization has developed the award-winning online anti-corruption platform, BIRN also produces Krypometër (truth-o-meter), Prishtina Insight and Gazeta Jeta ne Kosovë, all online products focused on fact-checking and investigative and lengthy in-depth analysis, while also providing English-speaking audiences first-hand information in English. 

BIRN’s impact is evident through its investigative efforts, culminating in tangible outcomes in Kosovo’s statebuilding and democratic reform process. In 2022,’s relentless efforts resulted in 11 requests to initiate disciplinary procedures against six judges and five prosecutors. This led to significant action, including suspensions, salary reductions, and public reprimands. Noteworthy achievements include the State Prosecutor launching an investigation into suspected undervaluation of public property by the Municipality of Mitrovica, an indictment against a former minister for corruption, and the arrest of more than 10 senior public officials following the “Brezovica” operation. 

BIRN’s influence extends beyond individual cases, strengthening relationships with key institutions such as the State Prosecutor, Kosovo Judicial Council, Kosovo Police, the Tax Administration of Kosovo (TAK), the National Audit Office (NAO) and others. This collaboration, built on accuracy, fact-checking and objective reporting has resulted in arrests and fines, as was the case of the arrest of 30 police officers involved in a smuggling network in Mitrovica.

Since 2008, BIRN has monitored over 12,500 court hearings, ensuring adherence to legal frameworks. In 2022, BIRN in partnership with Internews Kosova published the 16th edition of its court monitoring report, "Impunity to Corruption," fostering collaboration among rule of law institutions

BIRN Kosovo’s impact is also reflected in its production of TV debates, surpassing 5,000, each viewed by an average of 350,000 viewers in Kosovo. Acknowledging its role as a leading corruption watchdog, the U.S. Department of State listed BIRN as a resource for reporting corruption for the second time.

Global Media Registry

The Global Media Registry (GMR) collects, compiles and provides – either publicly available or self-reported – datasets and contextual information on media outlets around the world.

In doing so, the objective is to enhance transparency, accountability and responsibility in the information space. Thus, the GMR facilitates better choices and decision making, both algorithmic and human, of all stakeholders. These may include every citizen and consumer, regulators and donors, as well as the private sector – for example advertisers and intermediaries (a. k. a. platforms and distributors).

By providing this public service as a social enterprise, the Global Media Registry contributes to the advancement of the freedoms of information and expression at large.

It was founded as a spin-off from the Media Ownership Monitor project, which it now operates as a non-for-profit LLC registered under German law.

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